About Me

About Me

Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Designer, graduate of Interior Architecture at the University of Arts Poznań. Education and sensitivity allow me to combine the technical aspect of interior design with an artistic approach. Regardless of the purpose of designed space or product, I put emphasis on functionality, form simplicity and color.

For several years, my design work largely revolves around offices. I started with Balma and Noti designing and arranging the interiors of offices for top brands, including Rhenus Logistics, Caterpillar or Franke.

Currently I work as a Brand Art Director for Acustio - one of the most dynamically developing companies, designing and producing acoustic panels. I co-designed Colline panels which is Red Dot 2022 awards winner. I was also responsible for the entire rebranding, which included creating and producing photo shoot concept for the new catalog.

For all these years I gained experience with designing stands, exhibition spaces, products, and private homes. My projects have been published in such magazines as Label magazine, White Mad, Designa Alive or Architecture and Business.

Awarded projects:

  • Acustio – “Colline”, family of acoustic panels, designed together with Mateusz Gaczkowski appreciated by one of the most demanding juries in the world, winning the RedDot award and IF award.
  • Balma – “Floo”, flowebed system designed together with Aleksandra Hyz became the finalist of Good Design 2019 and the Must Have 2020 Laureate.
  • Envio polska - Office Super Star 2020 Award, in the category "The best office in the logistics industry"

if you are interested please feel free to contact me aleksandramet@gmail.com


Red Dot 2022 przyznane. Znamy polskich zwycięzców!

48 ekspertów z 23 krajów wyłoniło zwycięzców Red Dot Award 2022. Przyznawana od 1955 roku nagroda, często nazywana „Oscarem designu”, jest uznawana za najważniejsze wyróżnienie w świecie designu. I w tym roku na liście nie zabrakło polskich nominacji a w finale konkursu wyróżniono 10 rodzimych marek!
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Balma FLOO

Balma Floo is a project dedicated to green office. It is system of geometric metal plant stands and shelves, allowing the integration of plants into the working environment in a smart and modern fashion. As well as acting as lightweight planters, they can also serve as magnetic accessory boards, allowing various items to be hung...
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Every big project needs its heroes

As the title states: every big project needs its heroes and we present you ours: Tomo Yarmush – photographer, Aleksandra Mętlewicz – Brand Art Director of Acustio and Aleksandra Hyz – Product Designer. It may sound like a cliché, but the results that we got wouldn’t be as extraordinary if it wasn’t for those three extremely talented people. Ola and Ola (cool coincidence, right?) planned the photoshoot from the very beginning. They were responsible for the main idea and they also coordinated all the work on the set.
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Spotkanie z Lacaton & Vassal i premiera magazynu „Architecture Snob”. Wydarzenia specjalne Łódź Design Festival 2021

20 lipca w ramach specjalnego wydarzenia Łódź Design Festival odbyła się premiera nowego magazynu o architekturze „Architecture Snob”. W programie inspirujące dyskusje i spotkania, w których udział potwierdzili m.in. Anne Lacaton i Jean-Philippe Vassal, Ivan Blasi, Marlena Wolnik, Szymon Wojciechowski oraz Ewa P. Porębska, redaktorka naczelna „Architektury-murator”.
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